Still Shakespeare: Presentation by Sally Barnden

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.45.07Iconic Shakespearean images are brought to life in a workshop led by Sally Barnden, Research Student, Department of English Language & Literature, King’s College London and Gordon McMullan, Professor of English and founding member of the London Shakespeare Centre, King’s College London, with invited artists working in animation.
London Shakespeare Centre and Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network (FLAMIN) are delighted to present a discussion between artists and academics on Shakespearean iconography. Sally Barnden will present her current research into Shakespearean photography to inspire artists to respond with ideas for short films.

For centuries, artists have been drawn to Shakespeare’s plays and produced images inspired by their narratives. Over time, and generations of images later, they became detached from their source and formed part of both high-art and vernacular culture circulating as ‘Shakespeare’ in their own right. They are instantly recognisable, but in fact they often misrepresent the plays. In these workshops, participants will explore the significance of these inherited images in relation to contemporary culture, with a view to finding new ways of displaying and responding to the iconography associated with Shakespeare.

The workshops are supported by the Cultural Institute at Kings College London
Wednesday 27 May, 2pm till 5:30 pm Anatomy Museum, King’s Building, Strand Campus, Kings College London

Still Shakespeare – 27 May

Still Shakespeare – invite – FINAL

Still Shakespeare: Presentation by Sally Barnden